Cookie Cutter (1874, 1895)

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   "Cookie cutter" is not in the OED.  It's become part of slang.

Home and Society: pp. 750-752
p. 751 1 match of 'cookie cutter*'
  in: Title: Scribners monthly, an illustrated magazine for the people. / Volume 8, Issue 6
Publisher: Scribner and son. Publication Date: October 1874
City: New York Pages: 770 page images in vol.
This entire journal issue:
Pg. 751:  It is not so easy to suggest presents for tin as for wooden weddings; still, besides the practical pans, pails, cake-boxes, spice-boxes, kitchen-spoons, wire-covers, cookie cutters and candlesticks, there are many things sufficiently allied to tin to render them legitimate for such occasions.

   November 1895, LADIES' HOME JOURNAL, pg. 23:
   ...cut out with a cooky cutter and spread melted butter over the tops;...

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