Manzana (January 1966)

Scott Sadowsky lists at SPANISHTRANSLATOR.ORG
Fri Apr 4 07:58:12 UTC 2003

James A. Landau:
>"Big apple" would be "manzana grande".  "gran manzana" is something close to
>"great apple".  Don't feel bad.

No, it is indeed "la gran manzana".  The logic above sums up what's
normally taught in textbooks, but it often doesn't hold in reality.

Douglas G. Wilson:
>Google hits:
>"la manzana grande" ... 52
>"la gran manzana" ... 791
>"nueva york la manzana grande" ... 0
>"nueva york la gran manzana" ... 56

 From the Dynamic Corpus of Chilean Spanish (Codicach) (currently at 625
million words):

"la gran manzana":                      1713
"la manzana grande":            0

"nueva york AND la gran manzana":       1473
nueva york AND la manzana grande":      0


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