Carolina Rice (1764, 1776, 1787)

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   OED has 1787 for "Carolina rice," where it was coined by Thomas Jefferson.
   The OXFORD ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FOOD AND DRINK probably has Karen Hess's writings on the subject, but I'll add these citations anyway.  The first citation below looks like a surname.

July 23, 1741
The Pennsylvania Gazette
NEW YORK, July 20.
On Saturday last six Negroes were executed at the Gallows, and one at the Stake; one of those that was hang'd behav'd with such unparallel'd impenitance and impudence as to amaze the Spectators.
Custom-House, New York, June 22. Entred Inwards.
Cannon from Boston and Rhode Island. Entred Out. Banter for Rhode Island, Good and Denmark for Boston, Rice for North Carolina, Bascome for Bermudas, Righton for St. Christophers, Walker for Barbados. Cleared, Stout to Madeira and Lisbon, Hepburn to Dublin, Gill and Kippen to Maryland, Schermerhorn to South << Carolina>> , << Rice>>  to North Carolina, Hunt to Bermudas, Pitts to Barbados, Eve and Adderly to Jamaica, Hunter to Rhode Island, Cooper and McKenty to Newfoundland.

August 9, 1764
The Pennsylvania Gazette
Likewise, a few barrels of choice new << Carolina rice>> ; rum,
by the hogshead or barrel; all which will be sold on very low
terms for cash.

February 14, 1776
The Pennsylvania Gazette
THOMAS ROKER HEREBY informs the Public, that he is removed from his late dwelling house, at the corner of Laetitia Court, in Market street, to the corner of Arch and Water streets, near the New Ferry, where he has for sale, a general assortment of Wet Goods and Groceries, as usual, amongst which are a few gallons excellent arrack, 12 years old, and some old genuine French brandy; wine and cyder vinegar, by the large or small quantity; coffee, by the bag, barrel, or pound; << Carolina rice>> , by the tierce or smaller quantity; mustard, by the pound or in bottles; coffee, burnt and ground; chocolate, pepper, alspice, ginger, Florence oil. English split pease, oatmeal, grotts, indigo, citron, &c. &c. &c.

The New - Haven Gazette, and the Connecticut Magazine (1786-1789), New Haven; Jan 11, 1787; Vol. 1, Iss. 47
  American intelligence: New-York, January 2; Anonymous; pg. 362, 2 pgs
(Pg. 363:  It has also been determined that particular information be taken concerning the sonsumptions of Carolina rice in France, and that means be devised to encourage the importation of that article.)

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