Butter Curler (1914); Irving Lewis Allen

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  Irving Lewis Allen's CITY IN SLANG was the first book to mention my work and my name.
  In December 1992, I lectured briefly on "the Big Apple" before the American Name Society dinner (at the MLA convention in NYC).  Irving Lewis Allen, Fred Cassidy, and Allen Walker Read were there--all three are now dead.  William Safire or his assistant wasn't even kind enough to return a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  Allen wanted to meet me in the city, but I was doing parking tickets seven days a week back then, losing my parents and almost losing my home.  I haven't been in contact with him since about 1995.  In retrospect, I should have met up with him.
  I'd like to use CITY IN SLANG as a model for WINDY CITY WORDS that maybe Allen Metcalf might be interested in.


  Not in OED.

  20 September 1914, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 16:
_3 cases of German Housewares Novelties_
...Butter Curlers, 25c;...

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