Carbohydrate (1853, 1858, 1865, 1868)

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   OED and Merriam-Webster have 1869 for "carbohydrate."
   Yep, we're doing the whole shooting match this month.

Author: Johnson, Samuel W.
Title: How crops grow.
Publication date: [c1868]
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Author: Parrish, Edward, 1822-1872.
Title: A treatise on pharmacy ... By Edward Parrish ...
Publication date: 1865.
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Author: Laurie, Joseph, d. 1865.
Title: Elements of homoeopathic practice of physic, by J. Laurie, M.D ...
Publication date: 1853.
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Pg. 225:  As soon, therefore, as osmose ceases, the maintenance of animal heat ceases, because after the carbohydrates and fat have been consumed, nothing remains but this splitting of nitrogenous matters;...

The Living age ... / Volume 57, Issue 731: pp. 641-720
p. 676 1 match of 'carbohydrate*'
p. 683 1 match of 'carbohydrate*'
  in: Title: The Living age ... / Volume 57, Issue 731
Publisher: The Living age co. inc. etc. Publication Date: May 29, 1858
City: New York etc. Pages: 1042 page images in vol.
This entire journal issue:

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