Rabbit Food (1897, 1932); Roughage (1864, 1918)

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   OED has 1907 for "rabbit food" (food that rabbits eat).  It then cites 1936 AMERICAN SPEECH for "rabbit food=lettuce."

Current Literature (1888-1912), New York; Oct 1897; Vol. VOL. XXII.,, Iss. 0
  Toil and Pleasure.; The Speaker ; Dora Roscoe.; pg. 352, 2 pgs
Pg. 353:  "'Au revoir, mesdames,' and a pleasant journey," she said, and taking her little sickle in one brown hand nad her sack for the rabbit food, she went her way down the steps, her sabots click-clacking on the cobble stones as she went.

   Finds Craze for Rough Foods Profitable to Physicians; Special Correspondence, THE NEW YORK TIMES.; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Apr 10, 1932; pg. E6, 1 pgs
(Much of the indigestion and other stomach troubles now prevalent is attributed by Dr. Walter C. Alvarez of the Mayo Foundation Graduate School is too much roughage.  The fad for what he calls rabbit food--spinach, greens, salads, raw fruit, celery, rutabaga, and bran foods has been overdone, he says, and he figures that the craze for roughage is worth $300 a month to any good stomach specialist.)


   OED has 1883 for "roughage," but then 1927 for the food sense used as above.

McRaven, Amanda Nantz. "Letter from Amanda Nantz McRaven to David Orlando McRaven, September 12, 1864" [ Note]
[A. N. McRaven] Notes 28 Pulling fodder is a farm practice that has now about become extinct. As all old time farmers know, it was a process of augmenting the roughage for the livestock by pulling by hand the leaves or blades of corn, usually only those below the ear. It was tied by use of one of the blades and allowed to remain in the field several days in order to cure or dry. Two or three of these "hands," which was the usual amount a man could hold

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Current Opinion (1913-1925), New York; Nov 1918; Vol. VOL. LXV, Iss. 0
  Advertisement 2 -- No Title; pg. 341, 1 pgs
("Instead of relying on drugs, roughage and internal baths, take, as part of your food, substances that will keep bowel functions normal.  There is _Fruitone, Nature's Own Remedy for Constipation and Bowel Trouble_...")

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