"ese" suffix insulting/racist?

Anne Gilbert avgilbert at PRODIGY.NET
Tue Apr 8 23:25:41 UTC 2003


> On the contrary, I hear "Chineece" and "Japaneece" a lot!  It always
> strikes me as an affectation of some sort--spelling pronunciation, maybe??
> I don't remember hearing "Portugueece."  And I'm sure I've never heard
> "journaleece" or "bureaucrateece."

Where and in what context have you heard "Chineece" and "Japaneece"?  I'm
curious, because the only person I ever heard talking this way(and it was
*very* consistent)was my father.  And I suspect he "picked it up" from
somewhere and "adopted" it for reasons of his own.
Anne G

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