"ese" suffix insulting/racist?

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Tue Apr 8 23:25:05 UTC 2003

A colleague of mine in Linguistics here at Ball State regularly says
"Chineece" and "Japaneece".  I've always attributed it to her Connecticut
background, although what that would have to do with it I can't imagine.


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> On the contrary, I hear "Chineece" and "Japaneece" a lot!  It always
> strikes me as an affectation of some sort--spelling pronunciation, maybe??
> I don't remember hearing "Portugueece."  And I'm sure I've never heard
> "journaleece" or "bureaucrateece."

Where and in what context have you heard "Chineece" and "Japaneece"?  I'm
curious, because the only person I ever heard talking this way(and it was
*very* consistent)was my father.  And I suspect he "picked it up" from
somewhere and "adopted" it for reasons of his own.
Anne G

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