Cranshaw/Crenshaw (1940, 1956); Mirepoix (1867)

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   Not in OED?...Obviously, the LOS ANGELES TIMES will have this earlier.
   A little something for readers in California and Oregon to chew on.

  Food News of the Week; Rise in Pork, Beef and Lamb Prices Laid to Recent Slump in Producers' Profits; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 9, 1940; pg. 12, 1 pgs
("A brand new kind of melon, the Cranshaw from San Francisco, made its debut this week in New York.  It is a cross between a casaba and a Persian, with a yellowish pink meat and an unusually sweet flavor.  It has a smooth, green skin.")

  PROSPECTS FOR A MELON CROP; Experts in Different Climatic Regions of the Country Agree That Success Depends on Adaptable Varieties; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; May 27, 1956; pg. 137, 1 pgs
("In Oregon in particular there are two principal regions where melons do well enough to warrant planting the shipper varieties such as Hale's Best, Heart of Gold and Crenshaw, as well as those suited to local use only.")

  'WHAT'S IN A NAME--'; Improved Qualities of Modern Varieties Defeat the Magic of Old Favorites; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Feb 12, 1956; pg. X39, 1 pgs
("Delicious 31 and Iroquois are delicious melons to grow in the Northeast, Crenshaw with pink flesh and a soft rind that defies shipping is a gourmet's delight on the West Coast.")

(WORLDCAT database)
Whitewashing Crenshaw and cantaloup melons to reduce solar injury /
Author: Lipton, Werner J., 1928-
Publication: Washington, D.C. : Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, 1975
Document: English : Book


   The revised OED has 1877 for "Mirepoix."  It's named after a Frenchman.  Now called "Diced Carrots, Onions, Celery and Herbs of Freedom."

The Galaxy. A Magazine of Entertaining Reading (1866-1878), New York; Apr 1, 1867, Iss. 0
Pg. ?:  ...pigeons a la Mirepoix;...

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