Casaba melon (1855,1883,1885); Persian melon (1823,1872,1926)

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   Merriam-Webster has 1889 for "casaba."
   OED has no "casaba" entry.  OED has one 1916 "casaba" mention in its "honeydew" entry.  Just miserable on food.

Title: Harper's statistical gazetteer of the world / by J. Calvin Smith ; Illustrated by seven maps.
Publication date: 1855.
Pg. 346:  CASABA, or CASSABA, two towns of Asia Minor. (...) It is renowned for its pears & melons, which, with cotton & cotton manufs. compose its princ. exports.

   21 October 1883, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 5 (describing a California ranch):
   ...his melon patches would make all the small boys of Missouri swoon at the sight of the varied watermelons and muskmelons, the net melons, spoon melons, casabas, and citrons that roll over the rich brown earth.

Madge's Second Venture, by Mary Morrison: pp. 180-181
p. 180 2 matches of 'melon*'
  in: Title: The American missionary. / Volume 39, Issue 6
Publisher: American Missionary Association. Publication Date: June 1885
Pg. 180:  Yesterday Madge has some cassaba melon seed sent her from Smyrna...


   Not in OED?

  1.      PRODUCE MARKETS; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Sep 17, 1926; pg. 34, 1 pgs

  2.      Sugar-Making from Melons.; New York Times (1857-Current file), New York, N.Y.; Aug 3, 1872; pg. 2, 1 pgs
("The cantaleup and Persian melon yield more sugar, but require most care and cost in manipulation.")

The American Farmer, Containing Original Essays and Selections on Rural Economy and Internal Improvements, with Illustrative Engravings and Prices Current of County Produce (1819-1834), Baltimore; Feb 14, 1823; Vol. 4, Iss. 47
  A new method of preserving vines from bugs; Anonymous; pg. 374, 2 pgs
Pg. 374 (Letter writer for West Chester Cy., N. Y.):  I enclose a few Musk melon seeds, of a kind much superior to any I have ever met with.  We received the seeds by the name of _Persian melon_.  Its size is large, and its flavor delicious.  It is, however, rather late in ripening.

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