Candy Shop (1842); Candy Store (1848); Candy Pull (1834)

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   OED has 1845 for "candy shop."

 Graham's Lady's and Gentleman's Magazine (1841-1842), Philadelphia; Aug 1842; Vol. VOL. XXI., Iss. 0
  THE JOHNSONS.; BY ANN S. STEPHENS.; pg. 96, 6 pgs
Pg. 100:  On leaving the candy shop I allowed my tormentor to choose her own directions,...


   OED has 1884 for "candy store."

   3 March 1848, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 3:
   The nurse-maid who brought them over on returning to the city stopped at a cake or candy store some where in Fulton street, and desired the woman who kept it to give the children some soft cake as they had just been having teeth taken out.

   11 September 1848, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 2:
   55 Jane Abrahams (widow) candy store


   OED has 1887 for "candy pull."

   31 December 1872, BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE, pg. 1:
   They call them "taffy jerks" and "candy yanks" in Georgia, instead of "candy pulls."

A Kentucky Candy Pulling, by C. D. D.: pp. 46-50
p. 46 2 matches of 'candy pull*'
p. 47 1 match of 'candy pull*'
p. 48 2 matches of 'candy pull*'
p. 49 1 match of 'candy pull*'
  in: Title: The New-England magazine. / Volume 7, Issue 1
Publisher: J. T. and E. Buckingham Publication Date: July 1834
City: Boston  Pages: 526 page images in vol.
This entire journal issue:

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