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Trouble with the following is that Arnett was surely not speaking the truth
in the interview in question.  He was offering an opinion, and to the press
outlet of the Iraqi regime, in a time of war, and his opinion turned out to
be wrong anyway.

So what does being arnetted mean?  I suspect it means little or nothing, and
that it is a usage with a very brief span of life.  OED need not bother.

It later came out, after his firing by NBC, that this is not the first time
that Peter Arnett had made himself more newsworthy than his reporting of the
news -- apparently he had manufactured a "quote" during his coverage of the
Vietnam War, to give his story more punch.  He seems not to be a man of high

Frank Abate

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another nonce eponym (add to dixiechicked)

Several recently published articles assert an incredible need for better
information. In this context, Peter Arnett's name has given rise to a new
verb. People will tell you that if anybody dares to tell the truth, he will
be "Arnetted" -- fired, that is, as the journalist was from the NBC network
for giving an honest interview to Iraqi television. --Mohamed Hakki

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