"Digital Promise": NHA asks for help

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Thu Apr 24 15:12:23 UTC 2003

The National Humanities Alliance is a consortium of societies and 
organizations in the humanities, including ADS, that encourages support for 
the National Endowment for the Humanities. It's located in Washington, of 
course. This request has just come our way. If you're interested, please 
reply directly to:   jhammer at cni.org. - Allan Metcalf

24 April 2003


TO:    NHA Members
FR:    John Hammer

RE:    Advice and suggestions needed for Digital Promise report

As you may know, in 2001, NHA endorsed the Digital Promise campaign
aimed at using some of the money gained from the sale of broadcast
frequencies to a fund for research and programs in uses of technology
in education.  A legislative success could produce literally billions
of dollars of support for a broad range of activities.

Somewhat to my surprise, Congress appropriated $750,000 to the
Federation of American Scientists to develop a research and
development roadmap for implementation of the Digital Promise program.

I will be meeting soon with Larry Grossman and Anne Murphy (The
tireless duo pursuing the DP in Congress) in connection with planning
a report to Congress that will "1) identify priorities and
opportunities related to the development, use, and widespread
deployment of advanced information and telecommunications
technologies; 2) identify innovative strategies for making these
technologies available to American homes, schools, universities,
museums, libraries, training centers, and other places of learning;
and 3) identify possible barriers to the development, use, and
widespread deployment of these innovations."

In coming weeks, NHA will be developing a short white paper-like
report that addresses the three questions above.  It will be very
helpful if NHA members can provide contacts (and information, if
available) with individual members who may be able to provide
suggestions on any of the three questions above.  Please do not limit
to your own members if you have knowledge of others who could
contribute ideas.  Despite contrary predictions, humanities scholars
and others working in the humanities have taken considerable
advantage of new technologies.  Inclusion of humanities priorities,
opportunities, innovative strategies and so forth in the DP report
may lead to considerable new resources for our community.

Please e-mail [jhammer at cni.org], fax (202/872-0884) or telephone me with 
suggestions, questions on this issue.  There is some urgency since, I
believe, the final report will be due in September (and NHA's by the
end of May).  Thanks in advance for your help on this issue>>

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