OT: Erin McKean at NYPL on Wednesday

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Thu Apr 24 22:32:11 UTC 2003


   From today's NEW YORK SUN, 24 April 2003, pg. 18, col. 6:

CENSORSHIP IN SCHOOLS  _Diane Ravitch_ joins Columbia's incoming provost, _Alan Brinkley_, and _Erin McKean_, senior editor for American dictionaries at Oxford University Press, for a panel examining the sanitization of school tests and textbooks.  _Marlene Springer_, president of CUNY College of Staten Island, moderates.
   Wednesday, April 30, 6:30 p.m., South Court auditorium, Humanities and Social Sciences Library, New York Public Library, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, 212-930-0855, free, registration required.


   THE ONION (www.theonion.com), "America's finest news source," is also great on food.  On the front page of the 24-30 April 2003 issue is "Nabisco Introduces X-treme Salt-Assault Saltines."
   The cover story that really had me laughing (or crying?) is "New Fox Reality Show To Determine Ruler Of Iraq."  I'm sure all of the contestants on "Appointed by America" are qualified, but personally, I'd vote for the gorgeous blonde to rule.


NO STRIKE--My doormen aren't going out on strike; it was settled yesterday.  I can still go to the library.

BOWERY BOYS ASSOCIATION--Getting David Shulman's book on Steve Brodie published by anyone, or even listened to for two minutes, is going to be a large enough task, but he's formed a Bowery Boys Association and we're meeting on May 1st.  He says he wants to appoint officers, hold regular meetings, have a newsletter, and I've already funded a "Steve Brodie" poetry contest--uh boy.

"NO RESPONSE" CITY--This again seems to be "no response" month.
   I wrote to the American Antiquarian Society about its digitization projects--not really much of a stumper--and no one responds for weeks...
   I wrote to Alexander Street Press, who digitized North American Women/Civil War Letters and Diaries, about the availability of two of its new databases.  This is its business.  Again, no one responds...
   The New-York Historical Society, which is starting a new publication where "the Big Apple" should have a home, hasn't even mailed me a style sheet...
   The Yankees turned 100 on Tuesday, there was a story about it on Wednesday, and I sent a letter to the editor of the NEW YORK TIMES on the origin of "Yankees" last night.  This one's only been a few hours, but give it time.

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