Ruckus Juice & Slum-Burner (1941)

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     From a "slang" search.  Where's my "in like Flynn"??

      'Foul Balls' Go Into 'Wire City'
              Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File).       Los Angeles, Calif.: Mar 23, 1941.                   p. B14 (1 page) :
   FT. BLISS (Tex.) March 22 (U.P.)--One thing draftees learn in the Army is a new language, as many will agree at this border post.
   Enlisted slang is rather salty and includes such terms as "wire city," "ruckus juice," "goofing off" and "cracker box."
   "Wire city" is the guard house or military jail.  When a soldier is thrown in for getting into trouble, he is known as a foul ball" or "under the gun."
   Soldiers are in a bad way if they have "gone over the hill"--deserted.
   "Ruckus juice" is whisky.
   "Goofing off" means to go crazy.
   A "cracker box" is a mechanized vehicle and a pickup tri=uck is a "puddle-jumper."
   Some of the more familiar Army slang terms are "shavetail" for second lieutenant, K.P. for kitchen police, PX for post exchange and "chow" for food.
   A cook is a "slum-burner" and a mess sergeant a "belly-robber."

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