Springy antennae / Method of posting

Damien Hall halldj at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU
Thu Nov 6 05:47:21 UTC 2003

A view of the 'dealyboppers' (etc) debate from the other side of the other
(smaller) Pond.

As a 'young person' in the early 1980s in London, the springy things that all
the girls and even some of the boys wore on their heads at parties were one of
two things for us:  'deelyboppers', as Rima (I think) said, or 'teenyboppers'.
Whichever term was used, the last syllable definitely began with /p/ and not
/b/.  I realise now that the use of 'teenyboppers' may have been an import from
another related semantic field, as the term wasn't / isn't used in its original
sense any more.

Posting:  it may just be me, because I receive ADS-L as a digest rather than
having all the individual messages, and being new to the list, but would people
mind signing all their messages in some way?  Just a simple name or even
initials, if you post often enough for even me to be able to identify you,
would do (no need to put your full signature glory all the time);  I noticed
today, for example, that one poster responding through the list to a query
directed specifically at him signed with just his initials, and I could
identify him because I'd seen the original query.  I don't get the 'from' line
on individual messages that I would get if I did receive the messages
individually, though, so there was one message today whose sender I couldn't
possibly identify, as the message wasn't signed.


Damien (Hall)

University of Pennsylvania

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