"hot dog"--Did Charles Feltman invent this comestible?

Sam Clements sclements at NEO.RR.COM
Wed Nov 12 05:51:37 UTC 2003

I find a mention in the September 21, 1910 Atlanta Constitution that Feltman
died in Cassel, Germany.  They called him the "father of Coney Island."
Also mentions he fought to keep the entertainment clean and wholesome.  Not
much more than that.  I'll try to find more.
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Subject: "hot dog"--Did Charles Feltman invent this comestible?

>     This is just a request for background information on "hot dog."
> Many accounts credit Charles Feltman with inventing the hot dog
> (albeit not yet so called)--i.e., the frankfurter in a roll--about
> 1867 at Coney Island.
> Is there any reliable evidence for this? The accounts I have thus far
> are very much hearsay and well after the fact.
>    Am I perhaps overlooking something obvious? Does anyone have access
> to obituaries of Charles Feltman (reportedly died in 1910)?
> Gerald Cohen

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