"hot dog"--Did Charles Feltman invent this comestible?

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   Oh, all right.  I'm going to die in a fiery plane crash in a few hours
anyway...ELF Day.  Mayor Bloomberg announced "ELF Day" last week.  It's because,
for five days, the movie ELF actually filmed in New York.  Not "Big Apple Day"
to honor the stablehands.  ELF Day.  I deserve to die in a plane crash.
   OT: Gerald Cohen should look for Bruce Kraig's "The American Hot Dog
Stand" and Robin Weir's "Penny Licks and Hokey Pokey: Ice Cream Before the Cone"
from the 1991 OXFORD SYMPOSIUM ON FOOD AND COOKERY in the mail by the end of
this week.  Neither article is worth "shaking all about" over.
   I went through every "Feltman" and "Feldman" citation when the BROOKLYN
DAILY EAGLE became available to me in March 2003.  I knew all this.  I can't
post everything.
   About nine years ago, I went to the Brooklyn Historical Society and copied
every paper on Feltman.  It's all here in this apartment.
   James Trager's recent NEW YORK CHRONOLOGY is interesting; it gives Feltman
1860s credit for something he didn't invent.  We don't even have Feltman
historical records from the 1860s.

Submitter:  Molly Edwards
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Message:    Frederick, You may be my missing link. Our side of the family was
the one you're referring to. My freat grandfather, Charles Feltman was the
one that invented the hot dog. Charles had two sons and only one of those sons
had children. I am his great grand daughter.

   Fer chrissakes, he didn't invent it!
   I don't have much time now, but this is from Ancestry:

   21 September 1910, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION, pg.15, col. 4:
_Father of Coney Island Dead._
    New York, September 20.  Word was received here tonight of the death this
morning in Cassel, Germany, of Charles Feltman, known as the "father of Coney
Island."  When Coney was simply a bathing place, Feltman laid the foundation
for the attractive pleasure resort into which it has since developed.  His
fight always was to keep the amusement clean and wholesome.

(Also in Ancestry from the WASHINGTON POST, 21 September 1910.  The headline

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