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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
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I've received a message with a few queries, which I now present below
my signoff. Maybe some ads-l members know one or more of the answers..

Gerald Cohen

>...Two things:
>Do have an original citation for "chapter and verse"?
>Also, a friend sent the following. Some superficial definitions have been
>offered, some "experts" have been contacted and not yet replied, but perhaps
>you have some historical- or British-interest contacts who could add
>something (OED is NOT helpful on these):
>>  Could you help me find the mid 17th century meanings of these 3 terms?
>>  They were used by Gen George Monck in his "Observations" (written c1645,
>published 1671).
>>  The terms are:
>>  1. Pad-Saddle
>>  2. Fore-Pattern
>>  3. Slit-Saddle
>>  Here is the context:
>>  The Furniture that belongeth to a Horseman's Horse is as followeth.
>>    He ought to have a very good Horse, and a good Pad-Saddle made, so that
>it may very
>>  carry a Case of Pistols, three good Girts, a pair of good Stirrups and
>>  with a Crupper, and a Fore-Pattern: also a good Bit, Reins, and
>Head-stall, with a good
>>  leather Halter...
>>  Of a Dragoon Horse and Furniture.
>>    He ought to have a good ordinary Horse, Slit-Saddle, Snaffle, Reins,
>Stirrups and
>>  Stirrup-Leathers; an Halter, and two Girts...
>Thanks to anyone who can help!
>Regards, Lee
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