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Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Nov 16 04:18:01 UTC 2003

Barry sent the Nov. 15 message below to Jesse Sheidlower and me, and
I now share it with ads-l.

Gerald Cohen

>    I didn't finish the book and almost lost my notes.  It appears
>that the revised OED has added more Wallace.  I don't know if ADS-L
>is interested.
>Barry Popik
>(in Guyana)
>by Alfred Russel Wallace
>London: Ward, Lock & Bowden Ltd.
>New York: Greenwood Press
>Pg. 4:  ..."rosinha," or country-house,...
>Pg. 117 (January 1850):  In the morning early they would each have a
>cuya of mingau*; then about mid-day they would eat some dry farinha
>cake or roasted yam; and in the evening some more mingau of farinha
>or plantains.
>*Mingau is a kind of porridge made either of farinha or of the large
>plaintain called pacova.
>Pg. 124 (May 1850):  At seven or half-past we had a basin of
>Indian-meal porridge, or chocolate, with new milk, as a sort of
>breakfast.  At twelve punctually we dined, the standing dish being
>tambaki, varied occasionally with fowl, cow-fish, deer, or other
>Pg. 143 (October 1850):  A good-looking "mameluca," or (Pg.
>144--ed.) half-breed woman, of about thirty, was introduced as the
>"mother of his younger children."
>(OED has 1863, 1874, and 1900 for "memeluco"--ed.)
>Pg. 151 (November 1850):  ...put meat on the "moqueen," or smoking stage,...
>(OED dates this citation to 1853--ed.)
>Pg. 154 (November 1850):  Having no coffee, I had (Pg. 155--ed.) to
>put up also with "mingau" (farinha gruel), and we then all started
>off again in search of game.
>Pg. 175 (March 1851): The men of Javita when at work wear only the
>"tanga," in other respects being entirely naked.
>(OED has 1912 for "tanga."  Also pg. 204--ed.)

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