European Exonyms List

Grant Barrett gbarrett at WORLDNEWYORK.ORG
Sun Nov 16 20:26:06 UTC 2003

Here is a thorough, well-made site which lists a huge number of
European local names in Roman script followed by the same placed
rendered in the Cyrillic script (usually the Russian form), Greek,
Hebrew, and/or many other European languages.

For example, the entry for Tallinn (slightly edited for layout and
relevance; includes Cyrllic and Greek scripts, so if you see only junk
in places, that's why):

Tallinn (et)
Taллинн Tallinn; Taллин Tallin; Peвeль Revel' (ru); Taллiнн (ua)
Ταλλίν Tallín (el)
[Reval] (nl), Reval (de), Revel (fr), Talinas (lt), Talin (sl), Tallin,
Rewal (pl), Tallin (no, sl, sv), [Tallin] (en), Tal·lin (ct), Tallina
(fi, lv), Tallinn (et)


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