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Sally Donlon sod at LOUISIANA.EDU
Sat Nov 22 19:09:09 UTC 2003

In community development venues "on the ground" takes on a sort
of "in the trenches" meaning. That is, what happens "on the
ground" is often very different from what is intended by policy
directives from above (government, etc.).

Sally Donlon

"Albert E. Krahn" wrote:

> Allan has said that there have been some nominations for
> words of the year, but I don't recall seeing them on ADS-L.
> I'm going to nominate the expression
> "on the ground" in whatever the name of the
> category is for most unneeded. Someone can
> help me out with the category.
> I'm sure I'm going to hear more of it the rest of the year.
> I've just started keeping track, though. The expression
> seems to mean something like
> "there" or " in that location" or "now," but
> it is quite mushy. I'm sure it is NOT a contrast to
> "in the air."
> Bush used it on 15 Nov.
> "The enemy has changed tactics on the ground."
> Gwen Ifil on 14 Nov. on Wash Week in Review
> "On the ground we saw a renewed military offensive."
> Guest on 18 Nov on Nightly News
> "In addition to efforts on the ground, . . . ."
> ". . . on the ground, in his face, Michael Jackson . . . .
>      Hollywood Access 21 Nov 03
> This reminds of that old "at this point in time" phrase
> because it also seems like a long cut for a short word.
> Has anyone else noticed this expression? If so, were
> there any clear meanings possible?
> akra

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