PUCK digitization is _not_ complete; Adam and Eve on a Raft (1905, 1908)

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   Upon further review, it appears that PUCK is not completely digitized in the American Periodical Series Online.  It looks like the first two years were done (1877 and 1878) and then the last years (1901-1918, with gaps).  I was wondering why slang terms I'd expected to nail down just weren't there.
   This first few years and last few years bit threw me.  PUCK had been promised in the summer of 2003, as was the CHICAGO TRIBUNE.  "APS NEWS" was last updated in July 2003.


   I was sure that PUCK would have this.

Article 8 -- No Title
The Ladies' Home Journal (1889-1907). Philadelphia: Sep 1905. Vol. Vol. XXII,, Iss. No. 10; p. 0_008 (1 page) :
      _Not Beyond Him at All_
IN A CERTAIN restaurant at one time customers' watns were looked after by a waiter who was renowned for the clever ways in which, when shooting down the dumb-waiter to the cook, he interpreted different dishes.  For instance, if a customer ordered sausage and bread, he told the cook "a doorstep and a bag of mystery" were required.  In consequence of this two city men had a wager, one of them saying he was sure he could give an order which the waiter would find it impossible to twist in his usual way.
   Accordingly they repaired to the restaurant and Mr. Brown gave his order:
   "Waiter, bring me a couple of poached eggs on toast and the yolks broken."
   The waiter shouted down to the cook: "Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em."

Puck (1877-1918). New York: Aug 5, 1908. Vol. 64, Iss. 1640; p. 0_5 (1 page):
(Dinner table illustration--ed.)
   MR. SUBBERTON (_yelling to kitchen_).--Sawdust and milk crust!  Adam and Eve on a raft and wreck 'em!  On the cantaloupe!  Draw one!  Make it three all 'round!
   MR. TOWNLEY.--Great,--e-e-r, how--pardon me, old chap, but what's it all about?
   MR. SUBBERTON.--'Sh!  We've got a former restaurant cook--_a peach!_--and we have to order that way to keep her on the job!

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