Antedtings. 'joy juice' (1907) and 'Kickapoo joy juice' (1939)

Sam Clements sclements at NEO.RR.COM
Sun Nov 30 21:12:55 UTC 2003

Joy juice.  Meaning liquor.

OED has 1960, but I'm sure they have a new entry which will appear in the
near future.

M-W doesn't care.

RHDAS has 1913, T.A. Dorgan.

>From the Washington(DC) Post, December 1, 1907.  p. 3, col. 8:

     <<There has been so much written of Jim Jefferies'  bibulous tendencies
that we shall be disappointed if we do not now find him wallowing in the
gutter.  There can't be so much stagger without a little joy juice.>>

As to 'Kickapoo joy juice'------RHDAS, the only one who cares.  Lighter says
that "coined in 1941, by Al Capp, U.S. cartoonist, in the comic strip L'il

I don't know when L'il Abner started, but from the May 24, 1939 comic strip
LI'L ABNER as it appears in the Elyria(OH) Chronicle Telegram:  (the page is
indistinct).  The column is irrelevent.

     <<--An' a dash o' turpentine-fo-smoothness, ah'll mix up his fav'rite
drink, Kickapoo Joy Juice!>>

Sam Clements

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