Don't Sweat the Small Stuff; OT: David Shulman

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Tue Sep 2 01:38:30 UTC 2003


   David Shulman (a longtime ADS member, now 90) had a heart attack about a
year ago, and the person on duty at his home saved his life.  He told me that
he was lucky it happened when it did; most of the staff at his home are
incompetent.  On anyone else's shift, and he'd be dead.  He told me that she should
be given something.
   I paid for an inexpensive piece of jewelry, which we gave her at the
monthly birthday party for residents.  We also gave her a small check, for about
$100.  She said that she agreed with David that most of the staff are
incompetent, and he'd be dead with anyone else.  She said that the staff was
jealous/resentful of her.
   Shulman told me today that the staff is not supposed to receive tips.  I
don't know the precise rules; I don't live there and I'm not related to anyone
who does.    Whatever she received from me/us was nominal and not more than
   This week, she was fired.

FYI:  Her name is Saida Dakhloui.  It is the St. Nicholas Home on Ovington
Avenue, (718) 238-8141.


   I don't know where my notes from 3-4 years ago are.  I just checked, and
all of my posts on this aren't in the archives.  I'm sure I posted this.
   It's been a great summer.  It started off in May, when I e-mailed the
Chicago Public Library to change its web site about "the Windy City."  Everyone
gets a response within a week--I get nothing all summer, or ever.  Tomorrow
(Tuesday) will probably be another no air, 11-hour parking ticket work day.  This
never ends.

NO SWEAT--I had found the earliest citation for this, from the Korean War in
1951 or 1952.  It was in a book at the NYU library.  I could look again if

CARLSON DIDN"T COIN THE PHRASE IN THE 1990s--Richard Carlson got rich from
the phrase, but he didn't even coin it.  It appears earlier here:

Brief Description:  <A HREF=",+Michael+R.,+1949-">Mantell, Michael R., 1949-</A>
Don't sweat the small stuff : P.S., it's all small stuff / Michael R.
San Luis Obispo, Calif. : Impact Publishers, c1988.
228 p. ; 21 cm.

ARMY TIMES 1950s CARTOONS--ARMY TIMES    in the late-1950s had one cartoon
called "No Sweat" and another cartoon called "Small Stuff."  These ran in every
issue.  While I didn't see the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff," it's not
difficult to imagine that someone said it in the 1950s or 1960s.

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