Parm (1974. from Parmigiana)

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Wed Sep 3 22:35:53 UTC 2003

I'm looking for "parm" as short for "parmigiana", as in
"veal parm". Earliest I could find in the Times was '77,
though I admit I didn't read through the earlier real-estate
--e-mail request

   The citations below are from  I browsed through the Los
Angeles Public Library menus, but didn't find anything.  The best bet would be to
check pizza shop menus from the 1970s, but I threw all of those away in the
1970s.  I could check Arthur Schwartz's menu collection at a local university
library, but that takes too much time.
   OT:  My area's phone service was out for about 24 hours.  Yeah, another
thing.  What a horrible summer, and it's not over yet.

   10 April 1974, MARION STAR (Marion, Ohio), pg.4, col. 2:
Sliced Turkey & Gravy, Beef Stew, Veal Parm.,
Chicken & Dumpling or Salisbury Steak

   9 November 1974, GETTYSBURG TIMES (Gettysbury, PA), pg. 4, col. 3:
DINNER:  Lasagna . Ravioli . Calzoni . Egg Plant
   Parm. . Veal and Pepper . Veal Cutlet Parm.

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