Donal Davidson's "triangulation," "anomalous monism"

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Thu Sep 4 07:55:49 UTC 2003

   From the NEW YORK TIMES:
Donald Davidson, 86, Philosopher With Linguistic Focus, Dies
Donald H. Davidson, a philosopher whose complex but penetrating insights into
topics like linguistic analysis and the nature of truth influenced a
generation of thinkers, died on Aug. 31 in Berkeley, Calif. He was 86.
Dr. Davidson coined terms to express complex ideas. One was "triangulation."
The triangle is formed of the individual, all other people and the nonhuman
universe. Language and thought are created by the three interacting with each

Another was "anomalous monism," the notion that mind and body are different
and that, contrary to much philosophical opinion, the mind cannot be reduced to
physical processes.

(OED has "triangulation" from 1818, and from 1940 in mathematics.  This
definition is not included.  OED does not have "anomalous monism"--ed.)

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