New word? prosititots

Connie Eble cceble at EMAIL.UNC.EDU
Fri Sep 5 15:15:45 UTC 2003

Prostitots has been in use on college campuses for a couple of
semesters, at least, as well as sorostitutes (sorority+prostitues).
                                        Connie Eble

Dale Coye wrote:
> We were talking today about the movie "Thirteen" (pretty difficult for a
> parent to watch) and one of my students said that even since they were in junior
> high the girls fashions have gotten out of hand with the heavy makeup and lots
> of flesh showing, to which another student replied that where she's from in NJ
> parents have started dressing their kids up in halter tops when they're
> toddlers, and that she's heard these kids refered to as "prostitots".  Sounds like
> a journalist's coinage...
> Dale Coye
> The College of NJ

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