New word? prosititots

Dave Hause dwhause at JOBE.NET
Mon Sep 8 04:58:36 UTC 2003

I passed the question to my daughter at Univ. Mo, Columbia, and it doesn't
seem to have made it into general circulation there.
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Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
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Well... I haven't ever heard them before... so i would say no.. but it does
make sense.. you should see the stuff we sell at jc penney...  the childrens
dept. sells the exact same stuff that the jouniors dept. sells only
smaller...  I have actually bought some stuff from childrens cuz it was
cheaper and i can  :)   but it is a sad fact... the kids now a days are ten
times worse than i ever dreamed of being when i was their age...  girls and
boys are having sex at like 10 yrs old, and probably younger... i don't know
if the parents are just oblivious or what... but i could garuntee you that
they have no idea what their kids are really like and do..  things are going
down hill as far as drugs and sex and all that good stuff go...    But
hey... I turned out alright and i did plenty of stuff you guys were
oblivious of when i was younger   :)     ok, well i will talk to you later i
am going to bed...  at 11p.m. on a friday night...  I love you!!

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