History of the phrase <<Everyday Low Prices>> (1928)

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   I wouldn't check Nexis.
   The bad search engine of newspaperarchive.com didn't seem to turn up
anything before 1928, but you can re-check.  Similar phrases occurred before this
time, however.  Several stores in the 1930s and 1940s and 1950s regularly used
the "everyday low prices" phrase in ads--before Walmart.

   23 November 1890, ATLANTA CONSTITUTION (GA), pg. 7?, col. 6:
   We thank Atlanta and all her vicinity for their most excellent patronage,
and we promise to more and more deserve your esteem.  Our goods are the
choicest to be found, and yet the prices are the very lowest.  We have the plain
American everyday figures on everything.  We are proud of our low prices.  We
don't hide our prices.
("THE FAIR," The One-Price, Plain-Figure House of Atlanta, 74, 76 and 78
Whitehall St.)

   23 February 1928, CHRONICLE-TELEGRAM (Elyria, Ohio), pg.5?, col. 4:
Everyday Low Prices That Prevail Here
(The John Lersch Company.  There are over 1,000 more hits in this

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