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If that's the case, Bloomberg's speech contrasts in an interesting
way with that of Mario Cuomo, who, as I recall, wasn't afraid to use
an expressions like "mirabila dictu"!

O tempora, o mores...

On 9 Sep 2003, at 16:14, Alice Faber wrote:

> Kathleen E. Miller said:
> >Hello all,
> >
> >
> >What weird Boston affectation would make a Johns Hopkins/Harvard educated
> >man pluralize words that shouldn't be? For example, ""It appears an event
> >took place in Canada, and that the load shedding that perhaps they should
> >have done was not done in a ways that prevented the New York power grid
> >form having to try to supply power."
> >(Bloomberg)
> >
> >He's also regularly says moneys (when not necessary) and referred to Yankee
> >manager Joe Torre as Torres.
> >
> >I've heard of the intrusive R, but an intrusive S?
> >
> >Other insights on the speech of  New York politicians welcome.
> Maybe he thinks it sounds folksy.
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