First query after vacation

Geoff Nathan an6993 at WAYNE.EDU
Tue Sep 9 20:53:51 UTC 2003

At 04:14 PM 9/9/2003 -0400, Kathleen wrote:
>For example, ""It appears an event
> >took place in Canada, and that the load shedding that perhaps they should
> >have done was not done in a ways that prevented the New York power grid
> >form having to try to supply power."

Since we're all recalling our childhood (rhymes and all) I should mention
that the pluralization of 'ways' is, I believe, widespread (i.e. not
limited to New York City).  Standard Canadian colloquial English (at least
in my youth) included constructions such as 'You've got a long ways to go
before ...'  It may not be exactly a plural (note the use of the singular
indefinite article).


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