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Sat Sep 13 07:38:12 UTC 2003

>The Web edition shows "banchoot", "beteechoot" . . . sister-fucker

My bad. You are of course correct - I was citing Hobson-Jobson from memory. 
> Is there any documentation or evidence for the Navajo origin BTW?

My bad again. Yes there was, albeit, as I recall, lacking in any substantial detail, but in writing the 1998 Cassell Dict. Slang I was not allowed to offer cites, so, foolishly, I failed to keep them. I am in the process of repairing this and the results will, I hope, appear in 2006. That, however, doesn't bring back the source of my Navajo root for choad. That this frustates me as much as it doubtless irritates those who would like some evidence of this etymology is of course no excuse.

In the meantime I have mailed Ramesh Krishnamurthy, formerly of COBUILD, who has knowledge both of Indian languages and of lexicography, and I hope that he may be able to cast some light on the subject as regards the supposed Hindi.origin of what Eric Partridge would doubtless have termed a 'prize-problem word'.

Jonathon Green

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