Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Mon Sep 15 03:32:50 UTC 2003


>But obscenities, for all that Hobson-Jobson ... lists _banchut_ ... seem
>to have stayed where they were.

But "banchoot" traveled to Blighty, and mutated into "barnshoot", used as a
milder epithet by the Feringhee, according to Partridge (who apparently did
not know the exact Hindi meaning) and others. [No relation to "choad" IMHO,
and no significant presence in the US, AFAIK.]

>So, fwiw, I shall stick with Navajo and _chodis_.

Well, Navajo's hard for me to deal with, but I looked up "penis" in the big
Young and Morgan Navajo book: several words are listed but nothing like
"chodis". After a little rumination, though, I wonder whether this is a
Navajo slang adoption from Spanish, where "chorizo" = "sausage" is used as
slang for "penis" .... Navajo has no "r", apparently. [Which has no bearing
at all on whether it's related to "choad" AFAIK..]

We blue-collar Appalachians don't often meet Navajo speakers or experts in
Navajo language: perhaps one of the academic savants could check this out?

-- Doug Wilson

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