Chinese spammer's attempt at English

Dan Goodman dsgood at VISI.COM
Sat Sep 13 22:00:06 UTC 2003

The justice is prevailed invitation book justice and is started
construction that Cheng Goujian connections the ground brick of
technological research institute production meeing the colored coupler
of seam , and fills the market blank space .
Its bright colorful and practical environmental protection and putting
in order hygiene is convenient , and eliminates the black dirt that the
ground brick met in stitching , and clears away the germs to multiply
ground , and delivers you a clean habitation , and protects your body
health .
Sincerely levying the various places sole  always sells on commission ,
and halts local vocational work manager , and vocational work
representative , specialty and sparetime all can
The tel : 0533-7589876's fax : 0533-7553289's postal chest :
Y863 at' address : QQ:102646997 addresses :
20#12-2-501's postal in Shandong Zibo Linzi City ox mountain path is
compiled : 255400 contact person : Xia Shizhuan
Dan Goodman
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