snopes and hot dogs

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Actually, snopes isn't capitalized.

I'll write to Barbara and suggest she give you a credit line.

But, in her defense,  she does a pretty good job.  She used Metcalf and
Barnhart, a state of the art book when it was published.  She gave them
credit.  Just because Metcalf and Barnhart didn't give you specific credit
about the term, but rather said in their intro that your contributions to
ADS-L were helpful in a general way, you probably should take up your "beef"
with them.  No need to "dog' her about it.


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> SNOPES--I've written another letter to the CHICAGO TRIBUNE for a "Windy
> correction, so expect a correction right away.  This has gone on for seven
> years.
>    I've also written (the Urban Legends page) to add "Windy
>  I'd written to Snopes before.  Carl J. Weber or others can also write.
>    If you type in "hot dog" and "Dorgan" into Google (not hard, but
> me, no one who writes for a newspaper can do this), is the
first hit
> that you'll see.  My work appears without credit.

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