"haggies" from a 2000 posting about the Bronx

Sam Clements sclements at NEO.RR.COM
Fri Sep 19 21:37:05 UTC 2003

Barry posted some terms from a Bronx lexicon which he found in a Barnes and
Noble.  No date, etc.

The term that intrigued me was "Haggies."  He cited it thusly from the book:

     25.  Haggies or No Haggies...When someone bought a box of candy, you
yell haggies and he would have to share with you unless that person had
shouted no haggies first

    "Haggies" is, unfortunately, not in DARE.  It is the rare term that's
found on ANY of my search engines (Nexis, Dow Jones, Alta Vista, Lycos,
Infoseek, Deja News, et al.).  Someone from the Bronx had once asked me

There were a few replies but no answer.

I first learned of "Heggy's" candy from Cleveland, OH. when I moved up here
in the 1970's.  I wonder if there is a connection?  I know it's reaching.

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