"haggies" from a 2000 posting about the Bronx

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Wed Sep 24 04:53:11 UTC 2003

>      25.  Haggies or No Haggies...When someone bought a box of candy, you
> would yell haggies and he would have to share with you unless that person
> had shouted no haggies first

There are other forms, e.g., "wackies". These are equivalent to the more
common "dibs" ... which I believe is likely short for "divide" or "divvy"
(the request is to "divvy up" the treat) ... so just maybe "haggies" and
"wackies" are from "hack"/"whack" = "cut [into shares]". These juvenile
terms are old, I think, and the original item to be divided might have been
something like an apple more often than a box of candy ... maybe.

-- Doug Wilson

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