RE: Re:       ADS/LSA hotel rates

Tue Sep 30 02:44:42 UTC 2003

        It is far from true that Sheraton is price-gouging here.  The $109 negotiated rate is extremely competitive, a fraction of Sheraton's normal rate.  The Hilton is a slightly cheaper hotel anyway and apparently is running a promotional rate during a slow time of the year.

        For most people, it will make more sense to stay at the slightly nicer Sheraton, with the convenience of being at the conference hotel.  On the other hand, some people will find the price difference material (and the difference in quality is not).  I see no reason to blame either LSA/ADS, which did quite a good job of negotiating an excellent rate for the hotel and area, or the people who find the price difference material and choose to stay off-site.

John Baker

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