WSJ article on American's British accent

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Tue Sep 30 16:47:42 UTC 2003

   Greetings from my lunch hour.  I just had a woman before me that I felt like marrying on the spot.  She looks like Erin McKean and she works at Eli's.  Hey, good wedding catering is important...She said that Eli is not writing a food book.
   From today's WALL STREET JOURNAL, 30 September 2003, pg. 1, col. 4:

_Bloody Sticky Wicket:_
_Americans in Britain_
_Often Blow the Accent_

_The Urge to Fit In Can Leave_
   _Real Britons Chortling:_
   _"Excuse Me" vs. "Yo"_

(Article not typed--ed.)

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