I am so fucked

Sally Donlon sod at LOUISIANA.EDU
Fri Apr 2 20:49:28 UTC 2004

Me, too, Indigo.

If I'm really "fucked" or doomed, I'd say more vehemently, but under my
breath, of course:  "Fuck me!"

sally donlon

Indigo Som wrote:

> I say "I am so fucked" all the time, or "I am so screwed", both
> meaning that I am in a bad situation, deadline looming & haven't
> started the grant proposal, or at 2 am when I know I have to get up
> the next morning but for some reason am not asleep yet, or other such
> situations. Basically the same as saying "I am so doomed". If I were
> talking about being under the influence, I would say "I'm so fucked
> up".
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