Momisms, Mother Always Saids, and "Children starving in India/China/Africa"

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MOMISM + MOTHER--109 Newspaperarchive hits
(Nothing for "momism" before 1947--ed.)

Daily Kennebec Journal - 10/26/1971
...and Author Philip Wylic, inventor of MOMISM, dies in Fla. at 69 MIAMI,
Fla. 'AP.....and that the nation was centered around MOTHER worship. His
conclusion was that.....the j when he described Biscayne word "MOMISM." and earned Bay
as "an open he said. "But I have never seen a MOTHER reprimand
her child for throwing paper..
Augusta, Maine Tuesday, October 26, 1971  796 k

Lima News - 5/9/1954
...that work, Wylie has continued to attack "MOMISM" (his term for the in
numerous books.....faster this time? mmsmisisMmmsmmsiEmwinBa o MOTHER's Love; No
Vicious Fallacy Just a few.....on a concerted attack on the American MOTHER.
In this pseudo-philosophical work.....Wylie contended that the American MOTHER
has no "real" love for her children..
Lima, Ohio Sunday, May 09, 1954  783 k


   Forrest Gump attributed all wisdom to mama.

Daily Times News - 5/30/1974 to show me what I should do. MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, 'You've got your
brain. Use soda crackers and drink water. MOTHER ALWAYS taught me that
you don't beg. She SAID.....make it interesting to yourself. "Like my MOTHER
ALWAYS tried to instill in me, once.....had a type of glaucoma at 6 which
doctors SAID later could have been treated to prevent..
Burlington, North Carolina   Thursday, May 30, 1974  445 k

Newark Advocate - 2/7/1956
and a wrong..
Newark, Ohio Tuesday, February 07, 1956  684 k

Chronicle Telegram - 8/2/1984
...or all in a glance. After all, MOTHER ALWAYS SAID not to stare. like to
play.....Waters SAID. NEVER MIND that MOTHER ALWAYS SAID you can't judge a book
by its cover.'s what's inside that counts. Forget what MOTHER SAID.
She wasn't interviewing her.....She's not saying that first impressions are
ALWAYS right; she's just saying that quick..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, August 02, 1984  467 k

Gleaner - 6/30/2002 of drugs in the island? As my MOTHER ALWAYS SAID "actions speak
louder than Step.....up You know who you are Step up. Enough SAID. I am etc.,
MARKTYRIE Washington DC Via..
Kingston, Kingston Sunday, June 30, 2002  512 k

Frederick Post - 1/15/2002
...though he had a runny nose. MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, 'When you're eating
pretzels.....chew before you swallow.' Mr. Bush SAID. listen to your MOTHER. For Mr.
Bush, 55.....Mr. Longo's photograph, Mr. Mathews SAID. The woman SAID she met
Mr. Longo at a.....near the bombing zone were fleeing and SAID that many
people had been killed and..
Frederick, Maryland Tuesday, January 15, 2002  615 k

Holland Evening Sentinel - 12/10/1966
...was younger and still in school, my MOTHER ALWAYS SAID. "Make your bed."
saying, "I'd.....the reason for the killing. Neighbors SAID they heard the
shooting. They SAID Perna.....I was their i plains a lot about backaches MOTHER or
something. I don't i and headaches.....655 East Lincoln St. Zeeland, Mien.
boys ALWAYS ask my advice on look for any medals..
Holland, Michigan Saturday, December 10, 1966  838 k

Gettysburg Times - 6/17/1988
...They were not raised this way. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID you could die from
clean hair.....He dropped the paper he was reading and SAID, "Put my luggage in
the car. El only be..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Friday, June 17, 1988  559 k

Advocate - 5/21/1968
...Cash to spend the wav you like. Like MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "When you're
sick, keep well.....At 14, my son finds no time to read. He's ALWAYS busy with
something else homework.....of Concord, Calif. Hall, a real estate man, SAID he
learned while training Corrosion that.....sudden changes in the heart irate
almost ALWAYS disappear. JA condition known as..
Newark, Ohio Tuesday, May 21, 1968  710 k

Frederick Post - 1/14/1995 a marginal TV news reporter. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID that gossip snares
the teller." I.....over Connie Chung and Newt Gingrich's MOTHER, do you agree
with Mr. Gingrich's.....air pollution. For years it has been SAID that most of
the air pollution occurs..
Frederick, Maryland Saturday, January 14, 1995  551 k

Advocate - 11/15/1975
...Fallon. you're a crook. thing. MOTHER ALWAYS SAID it takes one to know
-Jim Bishop.....might possibly split off. Its people are SAID to be totally out
of sympathy with the.....cages are mostly glass. right. Fallon SAID. first I
want you to sign a form giving.....find that both are gone. The bank president
SAID he'd call Fallon back. Fallon skipped..
Newark, Ohio Saturday, November 15, 1975  655 k

Times Recorder - 4/25/1976
...and written my stint after his As my MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, everything
happens for the best.....1976 THE TIMES RECORDER Sally Round With MOTHER brought me
up to believe ihe state library but I thanked her and SAID it was
not necessary, that I no longer.....1 was trying to turn out a column accepted
MOTHER's tender words of consolation. In..
Zanesville, Ohio Sunday, April 25, 1976  614 k

Chronicle Telegram - 11/23/1970 a car or plane 'seat. "My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID that manners were to make
life go.....has an idea how he or she looks best." SAID publisher Baron
Wolman. "We try to.....midi. "We have nothing against the Wolman SAID during an
interview at his poster and..
Elyria, Ohio Monday, November 23, 1970  502 k

Ironwood Daily Globe - 9/6/1967 eat your lumpy, clotted oatmeal, MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "Think of how many
millions of.....Bologna 49ft SLICED BACON "AUgood" Brand ALWAYS Fresh ALWAYS
a Good Buy POUND PACKAGE.....referendum on the measure. As a result, he SAID,
his rights under the State Constitution.....Relations Association here
Tuesday. He SAID education for professional work in..
Ironwood, Michigan Wednesday, September 06, 1967  715 k

News - 9/13/1967 eat your lumpy, clotted oatmeal, MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, of how many
millions of fairly easily. 'Ihe cry. Governor, you SAID last fall
wasn't to be heard. SAID Rep.....on all fiscal matters. came his .Tlanton SAID.
read. 'I wish you bureaucrats in.....won. mission of the minority party. Ford
SAID quickly, to become the majority. When a..
Frederick, Maryland Wednesday, September 13, 1967  422 k

Post Crescent - 12/3/1972
...them thrown out of the Navy. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID profanity was used by
people just too much for them. "The trouble SAID a spokesman tor the
Referees Society.....had any problems with what to call her. He SAID, how
about: 1 for letting her voice be..
Appleton, Wisconsin Sunday, December 03, 1972  850 k

Star Herald - 1/15/2003
...anything to say to one another. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, you can't say
something nice.....the vegetables. sister was in an Applebee's SAID Carmine. SAID
they have salads the had to do with dieting, since that's ALWAYS my
resolution. Scowling, the lady.....head and the right side is shaved clean.
He ALWAYS wears a black T-shirt that has the..
Scottsbluff, Nebraska Wednesday, January 15, 2003  462 k

News - 2/22/1995
...and I never got in any trouble. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID 'you can live in a
log cabin get the spellings of names and towns, he SAID. He SAID
it's a good idea to set a.....In his heart, he didn't believe in His MOTHER, Mrs.
Read's grandMOTHER, Martha.....have blank books that sell pretty well. "It
ALWAYS amazes me the number of people who buy..
Frederick, Maryland Wednesday, February 22, 1995  562 k

Daily Gleaner - 4/18/1982
...whatever I got into in my favour. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "when one door
closes, don't.....walk barefoot on the broken stones that my MOTHER and my
grandparents used to break.....never take pur eyes off the people. We must ALWAYS
do what is in the inter esl of the.....I met Sir Alex some time after and he
SAID, in very lovely fatherly terms, "Son, I..
Kingston, Kingston Sunday, April 18, 1982  609 k

Chronicle Telegram - 1/6/1988
...LINDA SHRIEVES Orlando Sentinel Your MOTHER ALWAYS SAID you should put
your best foot.....What could I do to make them look Hardesty SAID. Think she's
just being Not so.'d probably notice how strong someone SAID
Chester Insko, a social psychologist at.....frequently ask questions about the
same SAID Margie Van Buren, a librarian at the..
Elyria, Ohio Wednesday, January 06, 1988  527 k

Oelwein Daily Register - 6/13/1946
...may be out looking for a box car. MOTHER .ALWAYS SAID, "People must afl
craw before.....affirmative reply late at night. "If I were SAID the operator,
'Tel think twice .before..
Oelwein, Iowa Thursday, June 13, 1946  891 k

Frederick Post - 10/2/1987
...up a few gems of knowledge. Your MOTHER ALWAYS SAID be nice to people. You
are likely.....his car and smashed into a truck. He, his MOTHER and his
fiancee were killed. He was.....mark held by Cleveland's 5 Most analysts SAID the
tight race in baseball's (CHOOSE ONE.....and retold this story, several
co-workers SAID they had had similar experiences with..
Frederick, Maryland Friday, October 02, 1987  627 k

Kennebec Journal - 8/18/1977 rare as an acre of arbutus. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID that honey was honey
and that no.....into the sunshine. There has, of course, ALWAYS been this
other and more relaxed and.....views and reasons known in the opinion he SAID
Bradford. one burden a dissenter takes.....would have been intolerable. The
President ALWAYS sets the workplace here, and Jimmy..
Augusta, Maine Thursday, August 18, 1977  609 k

Mountain Democrat - 11/18/1965
...reads in part as follows: "My dear MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, 'the wind never
BROADWAY 4 Big Sale.....street for the Veterans day j holiday. He SAID there were
41 from the Do-Nut Hut to the.....a reader in Hollywood arrived IVIonday. He
SAID St. John's Indian school and mission..
Placerville, California Thursday, November 18, 1965  569 k

Waukesha Freeman - 2/6/2003
...enter the restaurant dimly lit (My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "True beauty is
only a light.....a blue cheese finish, the waitress cheerily SAID the kitchen
would prepare it however we..
Waukesha, Wisconsin Thursday, February 06, 2003  468 k

Sheboygan Press - 11/13/1974
...was that it be prepared at home. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID 'You never know
what they put in.....a chili supper. made some changes in my MOTHER's recipe. I
leave out suet and add.....That was new to me. In Peoria chiii was ALWAYS
served with crackers, lots of big.....failure. His father handed him the bill and
SAID, can't afford to pay this. He handed the..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Wednesday, November 13, 1974  526 k

Charleston Daily Mail - 8/12/1933
...a guest shall come once more. My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID: ''Your best Is never
too good.....merits of savings banks with his vicar. he SAID, ALWAYS do as my
father did :keep my.....proves his hospitality. So I recall what MOTHER SAID
And have a lovely spare-room bed.....for your guest So your fine linens ALWAYS
keep That comfortably he may sleep. In..
Charleston, West Virginia   Saturday, August 12, 1933  954 k

Frederick Post - 3/12/1984
...other traditional women's clubs. "My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID that women should
be part of an emerging social issue he SAID he believes
this county faces over the.....person to make up their own Mrs. Culver SAID.
"We're encouraging people to study the world. I believe it is a natural
SAID Mrs. Oberstar, a former teacher and..
Frederick, Maryland Monday, March 12, 1984  576 k

Fond Du Lac Reporter - 7/12/1976
...and Dick McDonald PIGPEN PAULA: My MOTHER ALWAYS SAID, "It's not the dirt
that gets me.....much wealthier than the population it has ALWAYS professed to
serve with its programs.....the party's nominee-apparent, Jimmy Carter, SAID
they would agree not to press for.....One class was extremely bad but Mr. R. .
SAID the teacher doesn't bother to discipline..
Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin Monday, July 12, 1976  676 k

Valley Independent - 11/23/1965
...They take a few of what "MOTHER ALWAYS SAID's" stir in a generous portion
of.....Parent." (As a matter of fact, I'm the only MOTHER In our block who
reaches out to kiss.....lldad ALWAYS did's" and add a few ideas of
their.....class is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 1. MOTHER Goose Shoes FOR THE HOLIDAYS
Monessen, Pennsylvania Tuesday, November 23, 1965  643 k


   I hear this frequently on my trips to Africa or Asia or wherever.  The
September 6, 1967 "eat your lumpy oatmeal" citation above isn't bad.

News Journal - 12/10/1976
...immoral. Remember when MOTHER told you to CLEAN YOUR PLATE becausethere
were eat more. you finish what's on YOUR PLATE, I'll give you a
she said. would yon.....there would be more grain available to feed STARVING
populations. Lots of people do laugh.....At least 1 think I most have been,
since my MOTHER tells me I hardly ate at all until..
Mansfield, Ohio Friday, December 10, 1976  708 k

News - 6/29/1987
...idea of wasting food, but I feel that the "CLEAN YOUR PLATE" rule is
ridiculous. YOUR.....must eat everything on our PLATEs, and my MOTHER makes up the
PLATE. I keep telling her.....unwanted calories and won't help feed the "
STARVING people in China." Isn't it to choose YOUR own portions? A
wise MOTHER would. Should I notify management that..
Frederick, Maryland Monday, June 29, 1987  477 k

Mountain Democrat - 12/10/1998
...and YOUR parents told you to CLEAN YOUR PLATE, that there were STARVING
kids in "adopt" a family a child for Christmas. MOTHER Lode Big
Brothers and Sisters The.....donation or a cornmi Lnient of time to the MOTHER 1
ode Big Brothers and Big Sifters.....the local agencies. We hope we can count
on YOUR help to make this program as much of a..
Placerville, California Thursday, December 10, 1998  426 k

Great Bend Tribune - 7/28/1976
...up hi an era when you had to CLEAN YOUR PLATE in order to stay in YOUR
MOTHER's good.....impressed on me. Being told about all those STARVING children
in India where waste did.....high tread whitewall road ready, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN
. HOTBUY AT 1973 CHEVROLET VEGA 2.....with a certain air of 'joie de vivre'.
My MOTHER would deplore my ability to use the..
Great Bend, Kansas Wednesday, July 28, 1976  550 k

Wellsboro Gazette - 7/12/2000
...special, just for you. If you couldn't CLEAN YOUR PLATE, I'd wrap it up,
and save it.....dessert. After all, there are children STARVING in China who
would be happy to have.....restauI rant some day. Maybe I'd call it "MOTHER
Rose's Restaurant." Men and boys would.....YOUR fingernails, and if they weren't
CLEAN, you'd be sent directly to the restroom..
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wednesday, July 12, 2000  583 k

Gettysburg Times - 5/2/1979 be "bad" or "waste food." are CHILDREN STARVING IN INdia." I am now IN
my 20s and.....anxieties they may be INstillINg IN their CHILDREN When I was
four, my mother made me.....Dupuis Jr.. IN Tulsa. who named ail his six
CHILDREN Eugene Jerome Dupuis Jr.. just to.....Recently you ran a letter about some
CHILDREN whose mother forced them to eat I..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Wednesday, May 02, 1979  471 k

Chronicle Telegram - 6/25/1989 to poINt out that there are CHILDREN STARVING IN INdia. When a kid
complaINs that.....folks we're talkINg about. Today's CHILDREN will be the
elderly of 2060. The.....thousands of couples who long to adopt the CHILDREN that
many mothers are throwINg away.....ADOPTION that went unfilled due to lack of
CHILDREN. I'm prayINg that our nation will..
Elyria, Ohio Sunday, June 25, 1989  525 k

Wellsboro Gazette - 7/12/2000
...dessert. After all, there are CHILDREN STARVING IN ChINa who would be
happy to have.....competition IN 23 Olympic-type sports to CHILDREN and adults
with mental it "Grandma Rosie's Restaurant." Small CHILDREN,
and short old ladies could ait on a.....IN this arts program, each majorINg
IN one field of study IN areas of music..
Wellsboro, Pennsylvania Wednesday, July 12, 2000  583 k

Valley Independent - 1/6/1973
...I was taught that it was a sin to WASTE FOOD because there were so many
STARVING.....of the farmer. Accustomed to seeing FOOD arranged neatly qn
supermarket shelves.....So, I've always thought about all the STARVING people in the
world while tons and pests and whatnot may affect FOOD
supplies. If they think of it at all..
Monessen, Pennsylvania Saturday, January 06, 1973  911 k

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