Omakase (1979) and Omusubi (1991)

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  The revised OED has gotta have "omakase." It should be in the next revision.  But you never know.
  "Omakase" and "omusubi" were mentioned this week in a restaurant review of Oms/b.

335 words
31 March 2004
New York Post


1/2 (two and one half stars)


THE current Japanese food wave that brought the $500 omakase menu to town has also washed ashore a $6.50 omusubi meal at Oms/b, a stylish little rice ball caf.

The omusubi maker in the front window shows how the rice balls are made: She places rice in a mold, then a dab of filling, more rice, then wraps the disc with nori and finishes with a dollop of filling..

Like sushi, but bigger - meant as a snack, lunch or even breakfast to go.

They come in various shapes, layered with everything from traditional eel to Western-inspired novelties such as pastrami. Three pieces and soup make a $6.50 set; individually, they cost $1.50 to $2.50. (...)

199 words
7 February 2004
New York Daily News
Copyright (c) 2004 Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company. All rights reserved.

Omusubi is a Japanese dish that is portable, bite-size, and usually made of seaweed, rice and fish. But it's not sushi or sashimi, because the fillings are never raw.

You can sample omusubi at OMS/b, a new shop with white tiles and polished wood tables where they make the rice balls in both traditional and innovative forms.

The traditional ones are pouches of black seaweed packed with sticky rice and fillings - pickles ($1.50), Japanese plums ($1.50), fried shrimp ($1.75) or salmon roe ($2).

Nontraditional omusubi loses the seaweed entirely and gets its flavoring from Western-style fillings: pastrami ($2), prosciutto ($2) or tuna with mayonnaise ($1.50).

"Here, we make them for you, but in Japan people make their own," says OMS/b manager Ayano Izumi.

"They hold the cooked rice in one hand, add a filling and roll it into a ball. It's a casual food that you can take along with you, the way you would a bagel, a hot dog or a slice of pizza."

OMS/b, 156 E. 45th St. (212) 922-9788.

(FACTIVA)(first "omakase")
TORONTO I resolve to find...
4,521 words
18 December 1987
The Globe and Mail
P27; (ILLUS)
GODZILLA'S COMING] GRAB LUNCH QUICK] Some people have no time for sushi (like the cab driver in Desperately Seeking Susan who confided, "You know what I do? I take it home and fry it"). But for weight-conscious gourmands, Japanese sushi has long been a low-cal delight. The Takesushi Restaurant, 22 Front St. W. (862-1891), offers a special 20-piece lunch-time, take-out sushi selection called Omakase Sushi, from $22 to $26. Head chef Kumai selects each day's Omakase special from the best and the freshest of the available fish; each day's catch might contain such treats as raw tuna, abalone and sea urchin.

  ESCAPADE EATERIES & OTHER HAUNTS There's more to Japanese than just sushi
745 words
21 April 1990
The Globe and Mail
For a minute, it seemed better to have a dinner companion. The Omakase, a complicated feast requiring a day's notice, was available only for two or more (at $60.00 per person). So was the Nabemono, another complete meal whose main course (sirloin beef), was cooked at the table, and the Love Boat ($29.00 per person), which might have been worth it just to have your food arrive in a small wooden boat - soup a la sloop? Ketch of the day?

Eve Zibart
4,263 words
12 April 1991
The Washington Post
To dine on the kaiseki menu, you sit (after taking off your shoes; don't wear boots that lace to the knee) in one of Unkai's three tatami rooms. Although the kimono-clad waitresses will remain kneeling, the floor-level tables actually have pits underneath for the dangling legs of Occidental diners. There are several types of multi-course dinners (tempura, sushi) but the most exhilirating version is the chef's choice or omakase, which frees the itamae to invent whatever dishes the seasonal fresh market inspires.

(FACTIVA)(first "omusubi")
Otafuku Sauce has launched "Omusubi Jozu," a new commercial-use oil for use in making rice balls.
86 words
1 September 1991
New Food Products in Japan Pacific Research Consulting, Inc.
Vol. 16, No. 9
COPYRIGHT 1991 by Pacific Research Consulting, Inc.

To use, add 100g of the product to 1.4kg of rice and 2.1 liters of water and cook. Then, (1) the rice cooker will not cause scorches, (2) boiled rice will be thoroughly removed from the cooker, (3) boiled rice becomes glossy and (4) boiled rice does not stick to the hands or utensils when processing. Retail price is (Y)800 per 1.1-kg PET bottle.

357 words
12 October 1995
Jiji Press English News Service
(c) 1995

_F Tokyo, Oct. 12 (Jiji Press)-Seven-Eleven Japan Co. said Thursday it again pulled off a steady earnings growth for the first half to August, logging a recurring profit of 52,435 million yen, up 5.2 pct from a year earlier.

Brisk demand for a new line of "omusubi" rice balls and compact lunch boxes, coupled with improved sales of soft drinks, ice cream, beer and other food products, shaved 0.4 percentage point off the firm's costs-to-sales ratio, to 30.1 pct, company officials said.

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   1. Restaurants; Japanese find, French posh. Hakubai Le Terminus
Mimi Sheraton. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Oct 19, 1979. p. C20 (1 page):
   The omakase lunch or dinner is in the spirit of a French restaurant's menu de gustation--a parade of small portions of many dishes for those who seek variety.

   2. The Japanese Influence in Ramsey
By VALERIE SINCLAIR. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jan 29, 1984. p. NJ23 (1 page)

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   4. Extensive Menus at 2 Japanese Places
By VALERIE SINCLAIR. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Aug 18, 1991. p. NJ17 (1 page)

(There are no "omusubi" hits on ProQuest Historical Newspapers--ed.)

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