"No Silver Bullet" (Condoleeza Rice 9-11 testimony); "No Einstein"

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SILVER BULLET--561,000 Google hits, 47,400 Google Groups hits
NO SILVER BULLET--56,000 Google hits, 3,840 Google Groups hits

   OED just has the literal "silver bullet," as in a bullet made of silver.
About two hits.  Just awful.
   "Silver bullet" has been around for a long time.  "No silver bullet" is
easier to search for.  Newspaperarchive has that from at least 1973.

April 8, 2004, 8:45PM
Dusting off the 'Silver Bullet'
Copyright 2004 Houston ChronicleNo one says platinum or titanium bullet. With
jewelry, perhaps, but not when talking ammo. The silver bullet's mystical
nature is rooted in the legend of the werewolf. The only way to kill such a
mythical monster, lore goes, is to shoot it with this. National security adviser
Condoleezza Rice used the reference in her Thursday testimony before the
commission investigating the 9/11 terrorist attacks, saying "there was no silver
bullet that could have prevented" them. Robert Thompson, Syracuse University
pop-culture expert, says that before Rice's testimony, the word's usage was
becoming a "dusty reference." Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines it as something
that acts as a magical weapon, especially one that instantly solves a
long-standing problem. Adding to the bullet's spectral status, it was the choice
ammunition of the Western hero the Lone Ranger. More recently, it penetrates aspects
of entertainment. Think back to the 1980s movie Silver Bullet, starring Gary
Busey. Then there is the legendary Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. It's
the name of at least two steel coasters at Frontier City in Oklahoma City and
Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, Calif. And in its ads, Coors Light is called
"the silver bullet."

Re: A Cynic's Guide, part 1
... unforgiving of mistakes in delivered software. Nothing technical here;
as Fred Brooks said, "no silver bullet". It seems to me that ...
comp.software-eng - Mar 6, 1988 by Peter - View Thread (22 articles)

Re: Software Technology is NOT Primitive
... I suspect it even influences people who should know better. To quote Fred
"there is no silver bullet". ... No silver bullet... << Herman Rubin, Dept.
comp.lang.misc - Nov 4, 1987 by usenet at mcdchg.UUCP - View Thread (45 articles)

Soft-Eng Digest V3 #14
... I suspect it even influences people who should know better. To quote
Fred Brooks, "there is no silver bullet". ... No silver bullet... ...
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)Re: software ICs (was Re: C++ vs Objective-C)
... Fredrick Brooks presented an Invited Paper last year at one of the IFIP
last year on this very topic: No Silver Bullet - Essence and Accidents of ...

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Frederick Post - 5/5/1995
...her service learning project at school. 'NO SILVER BULLET' solves school
woes By TAMARA.....one overriding conclusions "There was NO SILVER committee
chairwoman Marty Rice said.....Printing and Manufacturing Company Vol. 85 -NO.
124 Frederick, Maryland 21705 Friday, May..
Frederick, Maryland Friday, May 05, 1995  680 k

Columbus Dispatch - 7/24/1997
...as the new drugs are, there is still NO SILVER BULLET that would protect
against the.....safe sex. Unless and until there is a SILVER BULLET, anything
else is suicidal. IPS.....to at the bargaining table.there will be NO peace.
The pro-British Protestant parties.....talks resume on Sept. 15, there seems to
be NO pressure on them to give ground so early..
Columbus, Ohio Thursday, July 24, 1997  505 k

Gettysburg Times - 2/24/1997
...in all classrooms. Phonics is NO SILVER 'BULLET, however. Advocates NOte
24, 1997.....First, she gave Andrew an IQ test. NO problems there. Then she went
to her son's..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Monday, February 24, 1997  646 k

Gleaner - 1/18/2002
...As with all other diseases, there is NO SILVER BULLET, the eradication of
crime will.....was closed because the harbour is polluted. NO, Mr. Dalley, we
don't want words and we.....to justify your cost to us. There is NO point in
referring to Mr. Pickersgill..
Kingston, Kingston Friday, January 18, 2002  568 k

Daily Kennebec Journal - 4/3/1973
...a year. Science tells us there will be NO "SILVER BULLET" that will insure
total victory.....Jack Anderson bugging type operations. NO decisions were
made at the meeting. .but.....funding mechanisms so that there would be NO
record of it. Liddy said Dean told him "to..
Augusta, Maine Tuesday, April 03, 1973  788 k

Mountain Democrat - 5/27/1993
...is a problem because it means there's NO SILVER BULLET." it's really a
mistake to.....middle of a building slump, this still is NO reason for refusing
to accept applications.....at trie ceremony. The Haskins had NO children and
Father Terry was like a son..
Placerville, California Thursday, May 27, 1993  500 k

Modesto Bee - 1/21/2003
...brought California to its knees. And NO SILVER BULLET can prevent the
whole thing.....might NOt be satisfied with Weare's tale. NO single culprit, he
says.....There was a real shortage. While there was NO surge in California's
energy usage, the..
Modesto, California Tuesday, January 21, 2003  549 k

Mountain Democrat - 12/14/1993
...Michael Huffington. NO, there's NO SILVER BULLET against her or anyone
says.....the subcommittee recommendations contain NO guaranteed staff cuts as
promised. Instead.....Newtptper Pvfclfchen Association 143RO YEAR NO. 1M
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 15. 1903 Coping in..
Placerville, California Tuesday, December 14, 1993  446 k

Santa Barbara News Press - 7/20/2002
...by June 2007. Debt consolidation loans NO SILVER BULLET The pitch on
late-night TV or.....Foundation for Credit Counseling in SILVER Spring, Md. "But
you have to make sure.....nearing bankruptcy filing 1 hey have NO choice. They
have NO money left.' Patrick.....slide into Chapter 11 last fall. 'They have NO
choice." said Patrick Comack. an analyst..
Santa Barbara, California Saturday, July 20, 2002  616 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 10/24/1931
...the jungle tom-tom, Marcus Garvey fears NO SILVER -BULLET. Issuing his own
portfolio he.....Paradise Muskrat, etc. Other coats of SILVER Muskrat, Pony,
Caracul and other.....real name Gershon Mendeloff .was born NO poverty in the
-teemingBast End of London.....Crown Britton and Lewis had a number of NO
-decision scraps, but finally Britton..
Appleton, Wisconsin Saturday, October 24, 1931  897 k

Gettysburg Times - 7/12/1989
...work on his own, he said. There's NO SILVER BULLET here. We have a
blueprint that.....300 GETTYSBURG, PA, JULY 12, 1989 VOL. 87, NO. 162 Bush takes
roadshow for democracy to.....favorable terms for American There was NO hesitation
in this communist leader's..
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Wednesday, July 12, 1989  571 k

Chronicle Telegram - 6/28/2001
...hopes. He had NO miracles to offer, NO SILVER BULLET. If anything, he
cautioned, it.....Most years I manage to dodge the annual BULLET of are we, going
to do this by using.....NOw, we are all Jews. NOw we all have AIDS. NO other
construction is any longer.....s devastated nations need AIDS medicines at NO
cost at all, or, at a bare minimum..
Elyria, Ohio Thursday, June 28, 2001  512 k

Press Journal - 3/6/2003
...bad records for malpractice. "There's NO SILVER BULLET to solve this he
said of rising.....the State Senate, as a politician you can NO longer fulfill
your prior commitment to.....s Constitutional Amendment mandating NO greater
than a 20-to-one student-teacher..
Vero Beach, Florida Thursday, March 06, 2003  417 k

Gleaner - 1/18/2002
...As with all other diseases, there is NO SILVER BULLET, the eradication of
crime will.....was closed because the harbour is polluted. NO, Mr. Dalley, we
don't want words and we.....to justify your cost to us. There is NO point in
referring to Mr. Pickersgill..
Kingston, Kingston Friday, January 18, 2002  568 k

Frederick Post - 5/1/1999
...way, he said. But "there is NO one fix, NO SILVER BULLET to solve all our
problems.....Official; (Continued from Page A-l) was NO danger NOr a threat.
Also on Friday, a.....But Mr. Grimes said the city is taking NO chances.
Teachers (Continued from Page A-l..
Frederick, Maryland Saturday, May 01, 1999  654 k

Mountain Democrat - 9/18/1985
...to damage the classic werewolf myth. NO SILVER BULLET is needed to
dispatch this.....protection because the U.S. government NO longer has an immigration
program. In.....woman (obviously a troublemaker) has NO right to stare
between the bushes at 6 a.m..
Placerville, California Wednesday, September 18, 1985  417 k

Chronicle Telegram - 9/17/2001
...NOw." He admitted that there was "NO SILVER BULLET" as a remedy for
international.....Harbor. If the past is precedent, they say NO one will ever feel
as safe as they once..
Elyria, Ohio Monday, September 17, 2001  518 k

Salem Daily News - 10/13/1896
...the south NOthing would kill a witch but a SILVER BULLET. That our
ancestors 100 years.....use large anicunts of SILVER und NO SILVER Etandard cone try
nny gyld whatever.....gold standard. NO nation today liiis the SILVER standard
from chuiee. It is only.....Kestorer Whilo tho de.bt paying power of SILVER
is doubled the purchasing power will..
Salem, Ohio Tuesday, October 13, 1896  866 k

Frederick Post - 2/24/1999
...When it comes to food safety, there is NO SILVER BULLET. But used in
conjunction with.....4 to 5 minutes or until outside surface is NO longer pink,
stirring to break up -inch..
Frederick, Maryland Wednesday, February 24, 1999  622 k

Perry Bulletin - 8/13/1896
...the south NOthing would kill a witch but a SILVER BULLET. That our
ancestors 100 years.....Mr. Harvey states that the amount of SILVER. SILVER; used for
coining purj tixed.....use large amounts of SILVER and NO SILVER standard
country uses any gold.....currunrtjntisd jciys t-lus express on l.ho SILVER to
any pnrt. of tho This coined SILVER..
Perry, Iowa Thursday, August 13, 1896  803 k

Columbus Dispatch - 7/24/1997
...learned that incentives matter, but it's NO SILVER BULLET." The latest
study underscores.....This is a hard problem, and there are NO easy Gueron said.
Dried SPF Construction..
Columbus, Ohio Thursday, July 24, 1997  477 k


   Another Americanism associated with "no--."  It's too bad we have no
Einstein; he'd surely have invented a silver bullet.  Have you seen them both in
the same place? (OT: _Superman_ phrase.)
   From the ADS-L archives, 30 June 1999:

The OED Additions Series, volume 2, records this and quotes Ogden Nash,_Good
Intentions_ (1942) for "he's no Einstein."

Fred R. Shapiro

Sheboygan Press Telegram - 9/11/1924
...less than one is paid for. It requires NO EINSTEIN mathematical genius to
demonstrate.....Art prolong cheers. There could be NO g I mistaking the
genuine warmth end.....hailed as a new star, Gilda Lament enjoyad NO more than
twenty-four hours of her success..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Thursday, September 11, 1924  875 k

Reno Evening Gazette - 2/4/1929
...on _ game In the field there car. be NO EINSTEIN. Hueo Leichtentritt. Curt
While here.....trend. Al'houp.li the ten rounds were, to NO clei-lslou, the
possessor of Mary Ann.....from the contrast. But there could be NO mention or
even a hint of aNOther offer..
Reno, Nevada Monday, February 04, 1929  679 k

Indiana Evening Gazette - 11/8/1930
...the star's one weakness, aud it takes NO EINSTEIN to figure out that he
will have his.....swim and dive. This is :m open period and NO instruction will
be given at this time.....following year, tho Pitt coach was taking NO chances
and sent in a sub who was ordered..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Saturday, November 08, 1930  738 k

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