Remember the Alamo (1836?, 1844)

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REMEMBER THE ALAMO--81,200 Google hits, 7,630 Google Groups hits
REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR--32,800 Google hits, 4,570 Google Groups hits
REMEMBER THE MAINE--6,920 Google hits, 3,290 Google Groups hits
REMEMBER 9-11--22,700 Google hits, 6,570 Google Groups hits

   I was discussing this just today with my friend Billy Bob.  I remember
mama and I remember Pearl Bailey.
   Perhaps the American Periodical Series has a little better than 1844.
Newspaperarchive was surprisingly unhelpful.  Usually, a Texas paper would have
this and it would be copied by a hundred other papers (some of which are on
Newspaperarchive).  But no earlier hit is there.
   "Remember 9-11" has been used often and has many hits, but I haven't seen
it as a rallying cry on the same scale as the above.

Indiana Weekly Messenger - 3/2/1881
...clenched teeth came THE hoarse whisper "REMEMBER THE ALAMO Several of
those about tho.....library and THE ministot1 thinks I ought to REMEMBER what n
debt's on THE church. To hear.....Saturday, of THE first week of March Court,
THE day fixed by THE Court for THE.....a royal Christmas dinner for THE Baldwins
THE next day, much to THE joy of THE children..
Indiana, Pennsylvania Wednesday, March 02, 1881  855 k

Mountain Democrat - 5/3/1884
...left her by a relative. It was Mexican war, REMEMBER THE ALAMO with this
money that of lung to THE corpse i is .md THE ALAMO [plaza extends
to THE doors of THE.....of I. is s.-i-nc of Itnvy Great First THE ALAMO, next
THE )set of furniture, is THE.....order in which THE San Antonian classifies
THE sights to be shown THE visitor. THE..
Placerville, California Saturday, May 03, 1884  655 k

Deming Headlight - 5/31/1890
...Held wait heard only THE Texan yell: "REMEMBER THE ALAMO Vengeance for
Goliadl" And.....Mexicans screams and criea: no Guliud Me no ALAMO 0, Jesus
Maria, pialad Pur el auior do.....THE wo great branches of THE ruling race. THE
strange to say, was al most exactly THE.....end was indicated by nature "Hoc erat
to THE Rio Orande and not THE Sabine la THE..
Deming, New Mexico   Saturday, May 31, 1890  443 k

Author: Lester, C. Edwards (Charles Edwards), 1815-1890. supposed author.]
Title: The life of Sam Houston. (The only authentic memoir of him ever
Publication date: [c1855]
Collection: Making of America Books
Pg. 114:  The lines were now formed, and Houston rode up and addressed the
soldiers.  Those who heard him, say that he made the most impassioned and
eloquent appeal they ever listened to.  The words seemed to flow along the lines
like streams of electric fluid, and when he gave them for their watch-word,
REMEMBER THE ALAMO, it struck like a bolt of fire.  The watchword had no sooner
falled from his lips, than it was caught up by every man in the army, and one
simultaneous shout broke up into the sky--_Remember the Alamo_--_Remember the
Alamo_, was repeated,...

Author: Clemens, Jeremiah, 1814-1865.
Title: Bernard Lile; an historical romance, embracing the periods of the
Texas revolution, and the Mexican war. By the Hon. Jeremiah Clemens.
Publication date: 1856.
Collection: Making of America Books
Pg. 137:  Sherman began the fight on the left.  Pouring in one deadly volley,
he shouted "Charge! and remember the Alamo."

Battle of San Jacinto - by one who fought in it: pp. 259-265
p. 262 1 match of 'remember the alamo' in: Title:   The Living age ... /
Volume 2, Issue 17
Publisher:  The Living age co. inc. etc.    Publication Date:   September 7,
City:   New York etc.   Pages:  762 page images in vol.
   Colonel Sherman, with his division, was the first to engage, commencing
the action on the left wing, the whole body advancing in double quick time,
shouting, "Remember the Alamo, Goliad, and Tampico."

Print Source:   A stray Yankee in Texas
Hammett, Samuel Adams,
New York : Redfield, 1853.
Pg. 260:  The Tecas battle-cry had been "Remember the Alamo," and the poor
wretches now suing for quarter, were shouting in frantic tones all over the
field "Me no Alamo."

Print Source:   Roland Trevor, or, The pilot of human life
Trevor, Roland.
Philadelphia : Lippincott, Grambo, 1853.
Pg. 350:  The battle-cry of San Jacinto was, "Remember the Alamo!" "Remember
Labordee!" and the poor Mexicans, as they were about to be cut down, would
raise their hands, and cry out, "Me no Alamo!  Me no Labordee!"

Print Source:   Bernard Lile
Clemens, Jeremiah,
Philadelphia : J.B. Lippincott, 1856.
Pg. 137:  Sherman began the fight on the left.  Pouring in one deadly volley,
he shouted "Charge! and remember the Alamo."  The wild cry ran along his
line, and was caught up and prolonged to the extreme right of the Texas army.

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