Right-Shoring; Where the Money Is (1952)

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   Sure as "down size" also gave us "right size."  "Right" replaces "down-"
and "out-."
   From the WALL STREET JOURNAL, 9 April 2004, pg. A4, col. 6:

   Wordplay:  Instead of "offshoring" jobs, says business consultant MBS
OutSourcing, it is "Right Shoring."

Economists back tech industry's overseas hiring
... lot more and know how to use publicity and have political influence."
Labor unions have battled "offshoring," which Fiorina calls "right- shoring," for
decades ...
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"You want to know why I rob banks?" he (92-year-old "Red" Rountree--ed.)
asked the AP.  "It's fun."
--WALL STREET JOURNAL, 9 April 2004, ph. W13, col. 1:

   Everyone knows this.  WIllie Sutton was asked why he robbed banks.
"That's where the money is," Sutton replied.
   But when did Sutton say this, and did Sutton use it first?  Sutton
insisted that a writer made it up for him.
   Newspaperarchive shows it from 1952.  "Where the money is" is from at
least 1931.

Nevada State Journal - 3/9/1952
...target for larceny IS "the place where the MONEY IS." That's why Willie
Button, recently.....of the country's number one crooks, chose BANKS. That IS
apparently also the reason.....Heney't attorneys had given him plenty of MONEY
to be unavailable during the first.....a witness, cried Langevin, "I want all
the MONEY I CM get 1" Guilty That did It The Jury..
Reno, Nevada Sunday, March 09, 1952  663 k

Redlands Daily Facts - 3/15/1952
...THE Actor) SUTTON. Asked why he robbed BANKS, he said, "That's WHERE THE
MONEY IS.....editor, "A girl may love a man for hIS MONEY up to a certain
point." Over a few.....plane down to THE runway at a gentle angle. THE system IS
THE most modern type and IS THE.....THE Arizona THE Jaysees have to admit that
THE answer IS "No." Kills THE sale THE board..
Redlands, California Saturday, March 15, 1952  653 k

Appleton Post Crescent - 4/10/1931
...said. "Let us go after tho MONEY WHERE THE MONEY IS." ILLINOIS WETS ASK
STATE LAW REPEAL.....in Interest BY DAVID LAWRENCE Copyright, 1931, by Post Pub.
Co. Washington THE low.....it would be doing well, but some of THE new MONEY
borrowed in THE last few months on 'THE.....APPLETON, WISCONSIN, FRIDAY, APRIL
Appleton, Wisconsin Friday, April 10, 1931  892 k

Sheboygan Press - 4/10/1931
...asked. "Let us go after THE MONEY WHERE THE MONEY IS." Assemblyman Grove's
views were.....THE SHEBOYGAN FRDDAY, APRIL 10, 1931 County System Of Schools
IS Provided In.....from Page 1) problem thatbrings easy MONEY but evades THE
proper taxation." "If.....of a talent for music. All of Musial's MONEY went
toward a education for Alien. He..
Sheboygan, Wisconsin Friday, April 10, 1931  1012 k

Burlington Daily Times News - 12/23/1931
...of that period, to "pet THE MONEY WHERE THE MONEY IS." and from priviIrRrs
and franchISes.....It: ol THE lesISlature :o -.of (n "eei THE MONEY IS" or to
let THE c 'trr.'rr help out.....how rich or big. THE demand to secure THE i
MONEY from "oTHEr sources" means i that.....J. S. Holt will return tomorrow
iron: Ind.. WHERE THEy attended THE funeral ol THEir..
Burlington, North Carolina   Wednesday, December 23, 1931  706 k

Helena Independent - 8/5/1936
...to be a saying, you want MONEY, go where MONEY IS. When Doc Rheem was
secretary of the.....the normal functions of society, refinance BANKS and'
industries of the state, stop farm.....They are not likely to spend muoh of their
MONEY to do themselves thIS damage. The.....and our citizens have more of their
MONEY Invested north of the border than..
Helena, Montana Wednesday, August 05, 1936  630 k

Times Recorder - 2/25/1959
...s MONEY you are looking for. go where the MONEY IS. He has looked to the
vast bloc of.....represented :n the mutual savings BANKS of New York State,
which earned more.....Days By George Sokolsky Going Where The MONEY IS New
Yorkers, boih upita'ers asd fo'k.....of Federal law that allows these mutural BANKS
to escape the taxes all the rest of us..
Zanesville, Ohio Wednesday, February 25, 1959  738 k

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