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> Doonesbury cartoon of 4/11/04, two young guys sitting on couch and
> talking.  (i haven't kept up with Doonesbury, so i don't know their
> names.  the guy i'll call Shades is a blond, clean-shaven, wearing
> sunglasses; the guy i'll call Goatee is black-haired, with a goatee.)
> frame 1:
>    Shades: Hey, ever notice Bush is the only one in his family with a
> Texas accent?
> frame 2:
>    Shades: I mean, he and his bros all grew up and lived in Texas -- his
> parents were there for 20 years -- but only Dubya has a twang...
> frame 3:
>    Shades: ...even after all those years in eastern schools.  Why do you
> suppose that is?
> frame 4:
>    Goatee: Well, maybe he didn't identify with his own family.  Accents
> can reveal longings and aspirations...
> frame 5:
>    Goatee: I myself grew up in California, and yet to this day I have a
> distinct Wisconsin accent.
> frame 6:
>    Shades: Packers fan?
>    Goatee: No, just a deep love of dairy products.
> arnold (zwicky at, noting that the california dairy
> folks
>    have been advertising california as a really great place for cows

I have already scanned the cartoon and plan to use it in my Intro course in 
the fall. 

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