Make a small fortune in Vegas (1957); In God We Trusted (1893)

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  I asked this before, in 2001.  I said then that I was making a small fortune in lexicography.

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Los Angeles Times (1886-Current File). Los Angeles, Calif.: Apr 21, 1957. p. G4 (1 page):
_Get-Poor-Quick Plan_
PHIL SILVERS, TV's Sgt. Bilko, says it's easy to make a small fortune in Las Vegas...start with a large one!


   Before Las Vegas.

Year Denomination
1864 Two-cent piece
1866 Quarter, Half Dollar, Dollar, all gold coins
1909 One cent
1916 Ten cent
1938 Five cent
1955 Made mandatory on all coins by an Act of Congress

Great Bend Daily Tribune - 4/5/1970
...demonstrator carried one sayINg "IN GOD WE TRUSTED. IN Nam WE BUSTED." Cuban exiles IN.....most frequent slogan on th signs was "IN GOD WE Trust." A counter.....atan unspecified time IN the future at GOD's direction. WASHINGTON (AP) -The "'s faith "is founded on the fact that GOD is our Father and that all men are..
Great Bend, Kansas   Sunday, April 05, 1970  965 k

Bedford Gazette - 9/19/1952 supply this punchy rhyme, "IN GOD WE TRUSTED. IN Kansas WE BUSTED." Money was the.....He Kept Us Out of War." Five months later WE WEre IN World War I. Herbert Hoover lived.....he was sick IN bed for the first time IN his life. A farmer IN Bedford County all.....the east "coast of Korwa. is participatINg IN anti-submarINe exercises IN Japanese..
Bedford, Pennsylvania   Friday, September 19, 1952  850 k

Times Democrat - 9/9/1896
...IN largo, yellow letters, "IN GOD WE TRUSTED; IN Dakota wo BUSTED." of America.....bcsandirvvorw th.tit wo of the horsemen IN tlio andicnce. When confronted with.....are idle, IN Philadelphia IN Baltimore, IN WheelINg, IN CINcINnati, IN Cleveland, IN.....O., IN INdianapolis, IN Terre Haute, IN Chicago, IN Detroit, IN Milwaukee, IN..
Lima, Ohio   Wednesday, September 09, 1896  809 k

Newark Daily Advocate - 8/25/1896
...IN large yellow letters, "IN GOD WE TRUSTED; IN Dakota WE BUSTED." Daughters of.....anythINg IN the prINtINg lINe. Blank Books. WE keep constantly IN stock a large and.....SAILING BETWEEN CHARYBD1S AND SCYLLA. WE are Warned IN if WE Will Only Heed.....where you can have made anythINg you want IN the shape of a book. WE also recover and..
Newark, Ohio   Tuesday, August 25, 1896  793 k

Iowa City Press Citizen - 1/31/1948
...James B. WEaver with its -slogan "IN GOD WE TRUSTED, IN Kansas WE BUSTED." William.....that of one of the great religious leaders IN history. No emporer ever had more poWEr IN.....was prohibition. )rum, Run Clay 'Coons, WE Come WE Come." Henry Clay retaINec >ld.....has been made of Harold Stassen's boldness IN challengINg Senator Taft IN his home state..
Iowa City, Iowa   Saturday, January 31, 1948  723 k

New Era - 8/2/1893
...Strip recently bore this motto: "IN GOD WE TRUSTED, IN Kansas WE BUSTED, so now let her.....p. m. 1 p. m. Passenger... I a. IN. a. IN. freight... p. IN. p. m. HUMESTON.....M saw the crime comH I LL'S DCtf CUDCD WE A CUBE I nCmClflDCn and INvite tho most.....reported IN all seriousness that the people IN a village IN MaINe experienced a shoWEr of..
Humeston, Iowa   Wednesday, August 02, 1893  560 k

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