Bargaining Chip (1960, 1964)

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> On Wed, 14 Apr 2004, Stephen Goranson wrote:
> > Just a guess, but maybe "bargaining chips" originally referred
> to the ante
> > chips, getting a place at the bargaining table, and maybe to
> upping the ante,
> > the price of entry. Maybe more context from the Oshkosh 1964
> quote would be
> > worth posting.
> It is interesting that in baseball players, considered as assets for
> possible trades, have been referred to as "chips" for some time.  Is there
> some game where one trades chips for other players' chips?

Has anyone searched on "bargaining chit"? I don't know of any games where
one trades chips, but "chit" seems logical and could have easily
folk-etymologized into "chip." Alas, I have no evidence for this.

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