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BARGAINING CHIP (or, I'll raise you)

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> Taking "bargaining chip" to 1953.
> 9 May, 1953 _Lethbridge(Alberta) Herald_  22/4

   Sam Clements is my hero!  I hate that guy!
   This search engine really sucks.  A limit of 1900-1955 will turn up this
result, but it disappears when you increase the limit to 1900-1965.  Insane.
Also, I tried "bargaining" (first name) and "chip*" (last name) on Ancestry,
and this 1953 hit does not appear.
   The following says it's from August 25, but the top of the page says
August 24.

   24 August 1949, ZANESVILLE SIGNAL (Zanesville, Ohio), pg. 4, col. 3:
By Victor Riesel
(...)  At a well-timed moment, Waltger Reuther plans to throw all his chips
on the bargaining table, and tell Ford executives that they must either grant
pensions of $100 a month to his eligible men--or face an immediate strike of
all Ford plants.

   I totally disregarded this match because I thought it was too early to be
true.  (Also, we're really tired here at Etymology Central and we deserve a
nice, relaxing vacation.)  But it is true.

   27 November 1941, THE TIMES RECORDER (Zanesville, Ohio), pg. 4, col. 4:
_News Behind News--By Ray Tucker_
(...)  One memo on the admittedly "fantastic and complicated" problem warns
that the United States must begin negotiations with London for such an
agreement before Uncle Sam exhausts his Lend-Lease funds or enters the war more
formally and actively.  Washington, it is pointed out, must overcome expected
British opposition to this pooling arrangement while we have these "bargaining
chips" in our hands.


  "RINO" (Republican In Name Only) is the word of the day on today's Word
Spy.  I posted that here about a year ago.

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